Award winning photojournalist Sue Tate


Shot on an iphone.  Videography, Sound & Editing by Sue

Photojournalist & Holistic Nutritionist Sue Tate


Trained as a traditional photojournalist with a diploma in photojournalism from Loyalist College, Sue Tate has worked with daily newspapers, magazines, CD covers,  card companies & businesses during her career. She has earned numerous accolades from the National Newspaper Awards, Magazine Awards, Photography competitions & attended the the prestigious Eddie Adams "Barnstorm" Workshop. Her images have been published in Harrowsmith, Ottawa Magazine, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, Dogs in Canada, Our Homes Magazine. Featured artist in Toy Camera Coffee Table book, Photographers Annual 2011 & Cardthartic Cards. 


Jocelyne Monette
Founder & COO of EcoAfter Care Ltd.
" There really are not enough words to describe how amazing Sue is, not only as a photographer & storyteller, but as a person. The lens in her hands turns an ordinary 'photo' into something special, capturing the true essence of events, people and animals. If you are looking for memories to cherish, images that come to life, or 'creativity & sensitivity', then Sue Tate (nee Bird) is the one to call! "







Background experience


  • Twenty plus years experience working closely on photography sets with editors to produce images that capture their vision
  • Working on tight deadlines to produce, edit & file images to magazines, card companies, newspapers
  • Working under pressure at NHL Stanley Cup finals, Royal family visits, Presidential visits, Weddings & Documentaries
  • Experience photographing for advertising layout, cover & poster layouts
  • Remote assignments & filing images on the go
  • Editing desk at Daily newspaper responsible for processing, retouching, colour correcting every image
  • Studio & lighting for product, food & portraits
  • Networking & research for documentary photography assignment


I see the world in photographs. Literally so many friends have heard "STOP, THE LIGHT IS GOOD. DON'T MOVE." I love people, connecting, team work, collaboration, learning, development and leaving someone feeling more grounded after working together. 

Bio Photo by Annemarie Gruden

"Sue is an educator and supporter and outstanding business woman."
Deborah Whiting, Realtor
"I have worked along side Sue on many photo shoots, not only does she has an incredible eye for detail and composition but her images go beyond the normal - they are storytelling, they are scroll stopping!"
Annemarie Gruden, Commercial Photographer