You have not seen this style of mentorship offered before. This one of a kind custom consulting that you determine the focus

You determine the area of work we need to work on and I bring my experience, knowledge & energy to the table. This is an opportunity to access new energy, new vision & new life force into your space.

Remove Blocks

Working 1:1 with Sue to get clarity on your blocks & blindspots. Unpack the challenge & expose new energetic balance. 


Tap into vibration mentorship, aligned soul energy to reignite your creative fire. Access outside positive energy & align flow of energy within.  

Life Long Skills

Take the tools & strategies received to guide you through blindspots in life & business. Continued support & check in opportunities.

Sometimes you just need a thinking partner

You may have heard of consulting in the business world. You may have some knowledge of Energy systems in the body. What you have not experienced is the synergy of energy  consulting. The Thinking Partner Mentorship provides customized guidance, reflection & renewed life force energy into areas of your life or business that are blocked.

Cup Of Intention

What I admire and am drawn to working with you professionally is your strong business skills, your creative fire, devotion to supporting business owners & your fearlessness. ~ Founder & Owner Ginny R.

Sue's Story

"The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood it's ground" Eastern Body Western Mind 

Sue has a rich and valuable history of experiences that she draws from. After years of working in a toxic newspaper industry, she left her award winning career as a photojournalist to seek a positive career path that aligned with her inner core. At the age of 43 she went back to school for nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Her life experiences & failures, trainings & certifications brings her to this offering before you. Without grounding we are unstable. We lose our centre. Without support, we fall. Without nourishment, we collapse.